Plus Size Swimwear Guide – The Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Women

Posted on May 30 2009 - 5:19pm by curvywomen

Plus Size Swimwear Guide The Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Women. How to choose the best swimwear and swimsuits for plus size curves. It is summer time again which means that people are getting ready for swimsuit season. I have been over weight my entire life and as a result hate buying and wearing swimsuits. I have been wearing the same suit for three seasons. I knew that I would have to go shopping for a suit, but I dreaded the thought. I started in a major department store where I had purchased plus size swimwear in the past. They had a very small selection. They still had the same style suit that I have been wearing for three years for sale. It seems that all plus size swimwear looks the same.

I went to another store that specializes in larger sizes. They had a greater selection, however they specialize in the extra large sizes so their smallest size was too big for me. I told the clerk that I thought all plus size swimwear looks the same. She told me that there is a catalog that has a wide variety of many styles to choose from. She said that they are high quality suits in a mid-range price. I told her that I thought it would be hard to know which size to order through the catalog. She said that the sizing chart is very different. They have half sizes as well as quarter sizes. You measure yourself and then use charts to determine your exact size. She looked up the name of the catalog company as well as the website for plus size swimwear and gave me the information.

I tried two other stores but found the same old styles of plus size swimwear. When I arrived home I looked up the website for the catalog that the sales clerk had been telling me about. There were several pictures of the plus size swimwear as well as cover-ups and other beach wear. There was a form to fill out to request a copy of the catalog.

When I received the catalog I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful selection to choose from. There were many styles and colors. Each suit featured a design to help camouflage a problem area. The plus size swimwear did have many different sizes. The measuring chart was very exact. You could write down your measurements and what style suit you wanted and have the company figure out your size, or you could write down your size. I sent in my measurements along with the style swimsuit I wanted. I am very pleased with the style as well as the fit. I will be ordering all of my plus size swimwear from this catalog in the future.  Below I’ve put together a list of the best places plus size women can shop for swimwear, hope this helps ladies.

The Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Women

  1. Lane Byrant
  2. Torrid
  4. shape fx


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