Clothing For Apple Shaped Women

Posted on Sep 28 2009 - 4:41pm by curvywomen

Clothing For Apple Shaped Women. Apple shape figures usually have a large top and a larger middle than your bottom.

Your bust is generally the largest part of your body. You may also have broad shoulders for your body frame as well. Luckily the apple shape body type is one that many women enjoy and you can either choose to play up your apple features or play them down depending on your desired look. Many apple figures choose to play up their apple shape.

Tips To Remember If You Want To Conceal Your Apple Frame ( Do the opposite of these tips if you want to play up your apple figure.

  • Always avoid tops with deep or plunging necklines
  • For a sexy silhouette opt for wrap dresses and wrap style skirts.
  • Try tops that have a high neckline or thick straps to support your bust.
  • Try v-necks that only show the top of your bust and don’t go far into your bust line.
  • Empire dresses and A-line always work great for apple shapes.
  • Stay away from leggings, tight trousers and printed tops
  • Embellished tops are also a big no no.
  • Try belted tunics to create more of a hourglass figure.
  • Tankinis are the best bathing suit for apple figures.


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