Celebrity Body Shape Guide

Posted on Nov 23 2009 - 2:51pm by curvywomen

Celebrity Body Shape Guide. The basic figures and body types of celebrities, and why you should be coping their style to flatter your body shape.

We all know that celebrities always wear the best clothing for their figures. They pay plenty of money to look and dress their best, which is why you can copy their looks and you can get the same results without spending as much money just by looking at their style. We’re not saying copy every clothing and look that they achieve, but simply try your best to emulate the basic clothing stables that they wear. Look below to see celebrities that match your body type, study what they wear, and try to achieve the best looks for your figure.

Celebrities with Hourglass Shapes

Celebrities with Inverted Triangle Shapes

Celebrities with Apple Shapes

Celebrities with Pear Body Shapes

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