Best Clothing For Round Shape Figures

Posted on Oct 10 2009 - 2:08pm by curvywomen

Best Clothing For Round Shape Figures. Round shape body types usually carry most of their weight around the tummy area, you may also have a large bust. Many women with a round figure have a wide waist, as well as narrow shoulders and thighs.

The round body shape is actually quite common, and many women will fall into this body type due to natural changes in the body. If you’re looking to hide your round figure the best tips to remember are always opt for prints and patterns to distract the eye, try investing in some form of spanx to help hide your tummy and make sure you always have a nice fitted blazer. Look below for more tips for the round figure.

Other Ways To Flatter Your Figure

  • Always wear tops that tie around the waist, this will define and flatter your tummy.
  • Baby Doll Dresses and Tops are perfect for hiding a tummy.
  • Purchase trousers that hit below the the belly button and have a dark rinse.
  • Silhouettes of the high waisted trousers will help flatter your figure.
  • Stay away from tight or skinny jeans
  • Your staple items should include black or beige pants, a poplin shirt, and a fitted blazer



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