Best Clothing For Rectangle Body Shapes

Posted on Dec 23 2009 - 11:36am by curvywomen

Best Clothing For Rectangle Body Shapes. The best clothing for rectangle body shape and type. A rectangle body shape generally has the same width for the bust and the shoulder as the hip line with little waist definition.

Many with a rectangle body shape look very athletic and toned and one of the best things about your shape is that your weight is evenly disturbed.

Tips To Remember For Your Rectangle Body Type

Your main goal for dressing, like most body type is to define your waist and create more curves for your bust and bottom half.

  • Add a black belt around your waist to help define your curves. A belt in fact is your very best accessory and works to define your waist in almost any outfit.
  • You can wear all type of jeans including wide, skinny, and flare.
  • For tops opt for v-necks, and u-necks.
  • Empire waists work great in the form of dresses, tops, and sweaters.
  • Full skirts and high waisted skirts with a thick band are also great for creating curves.
  • Also try wearing shoulder pads, tops that draw attention to the bust line, or wide coats and jackets that flare out from the waist.



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