Best Clothing for Hourglass Figures

Posted on Oct 31 2009 - 5:48pm by curvywomen

Best Clothing for Hourglass Figures. The hourglass body shaped is the ideal shape for any women. Typically when dressing the overall look most women are trying to achieve with their clothing is an hourglass figure.

So if you have a hourglass shape consider yourself blessed, most women would love to be in your shoes. If you’re not sure of your body type take a look in the mirror, you have a hourglass figure if you shoulders and hips are basically the same size and width with a very defined waist. Much like as hourglass. When you gain weight it usually distributes evenly throughout your curves.

Best Clothing for An Hourglass Shape

  • Two pieces styles and dresses always help define your curves
  • Also try corsets bodices to enhance your natural shape
  • Since you have such a tiny waist use your middle as the focal points of your outfits by wearing full skirts with wide waist bands, cinched dresses, and belted cardigans.
  • Belts are you number one accessory, wear them at the smallest part of your waist for even more defined curves.
  • Wrap dresses and tops are perfect for showing off your body.
  • Try styles of skirts in pencil, A-line, circle, and tiered.
  • In jean styles wear flared, wide leg and boot-cut.
  • Always remember to balance your body shape with your wardrobe to keep your hourglass shape, look at celebrities who share your body type to get inspired for different looks you can try.


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